Flash Gold Raises The Steampunk Bar

The Steampunk fiction world is starting to sire some beautiful children.  I just finished Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker. This is a nice story set in the Yukon starring Kali McAlister, a young woman who enters her steam-powered sled in a dog-sled race.

This is a very well written story that elevates the Steampunk genre with its smart writing and fast-paced action.  I was instantly drawn into Buroker’s world, and her characterizations were spot on. This is one of the best pieces of Steampunk fiction that I’ve run across, so far.  It contains the expected elements of the genre, such as the steam sled, an airship, and the ever-present pirates. Each element is woven into the story in a way that seems to address the expected in unexpected ways.

I highly recommend Flash Gold to anyone looking for quality Steampunk fiction. Lindsay maintains a blog with great posts and information on Flash Gold, as well as her other works. Check it out, and get on board the Steampunk express.

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2 comments on “Flash Gold Raises The Steampunk Bar

  1. Thank you for reading Flash Gold and taking the time to write up a review, Daryl!

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