Steampunk – An Online Tour

The Steampunk aesthetic is finding its way into more and more mainstream movies, and the web is exploding with fiction sites, DIY accessory tutorials, and fashion stores.  I am excited about the growth of the genre both in writing and look.  While I would never try to explain the rise in popularity, I am sure that the increased presence in movies has something to do with the overall increase.  I am going to delve into the realm of Steampunk in cinema with a future post, but for now, I thought I would offer some links for those who are interested in exploring this brave new world.Steampunk sites are popping up everywhere while the popularity of established sites is growing, so I am offering my list of top five sites.  This is a blend of blogs, stores, and fiction sites that gives an overview for those who are new to the genre.  I’m not going to sort them, and the order that they are listed in no way implies quality. This is nothing more than a jumping-off point, so take some time to browse the links, and you’ll get an overall feel for the world of Steampunk and the many directions that it takes.

1. The Steampunk Emporium:  This is an online store that offers everything from full outfits to individual accessories.  The quality is first-rate, and they have an excellent selection for men and women.

2. Lindsay Buroker – Author:  Lindsay is the author of the Flash Gold series of books available at Amazon, Smashwords, and most other retail outlets.  I posted a review of the first book here, and I am finishing the third book in the series.  If you are interested in exploring Steampunk fiction, Lindsay’s books are the place to start.  While much of the fiction that is available fails to meet professional standards, Lindsay’s work is the cream of the crop. Check out her blog, and order her books.  You won’t be disappointed.

3. DIY Steampunk Accessories:  Okay, this is a list of links, not a particular site, but it leads to a full gambit of sites that offer tutorials for the DIY crowd. Steampunk encompasses many different areas from hats, weapons, and my favorite, adding an old-world look to new technology.  This list of links will take you to sites that show you how to add the Steampunk aesthetic to everything from bracelets to iPhone and desktop systems.

4. Steampunk Scholar:  This is a blog maintained by Mike Perschon.  Mike did his PhD work on the world of Steampunk literature, and he maintains lists of fiction works from his research as well as a great post on the aesthetic.  It is definitely worth your time to browse through his posts.  If you are looking for a reading list, Steampunk Scholar is the blog for you.

5. The Steampunk Tribune – Reporting on Steampunk since 2007:  This is a great all-around blog that covers the Steampunk world in all of its aspects.  I am amazed at how many resources are available at the Tribune, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.  This is a favorite, and I make regular visits to keep up with the ever-expanding Steampunk genre in all of its permutations.

This is a short list, but these are the sites that give the best overview of what it means when someone uses the word Steampunk.  Each one of these sites contain great snapshots of the genre’s look and feel.

Post your comments below and share the links that you feel are the most interesting.


2 comments on “Steampunk – An Online Tour

  1. Erin Atchley says:

    Interesting blog. I have really gotten into steampunk since I first discovered it at DragonCon a few years ago. I think more than the stories, I like the art, clothing, and settings. It’s so inspirational. I really liked your links to the Steampunk Scholar and the DIY Steampunk Fashion. I’ll have to share that last one with my high school students and pray that they don’t turn our Creative Writing club into a Steampunk workshop! lol

    • I fell in love with the whole movement, but I really enjoy the aesthetic. Check out Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker on Kindle. It is exceptional. I think your club would have a blast with Steampunk. I consider it to be the epitome of speculative fiction. I also like the magical elements that pop up in the stories. It’s a nice blend, and sometimes it’s the only way to explain some of the technology. Long live Deus ex Machina!

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