Steampunk Is More Than A Look

There is more to the Steampunk movement than goggles and airships.  Although the aesthetic is what catches the eye of the unfamiliar, it is the return to a time of civility in adventure and exploration that drives much of the appeal.  Even beyond the technological marvels that are wedged into and around the world of steam power, Victorian life seems to be a major focus of the better fiction available on the market.  All we can do is make guesses and formulate theories about the rise of Steampunk.  There is little that can be pointed to as hard data or measurable statistics, so in the spirit of the true mathematician, guessing is as good a place to start as any. Continue reading


Steampunk – An Online Tour

The Steampunk aesthetic is finding its way into more and more mainstream movies, and the web is exploding with fiction sites, DIY accessory tutorials, and fashion stores.  I am excited about the growth of the genre both in writing and look.  While I would never try to explain the rise in popularity, I am sure that the increased presence in movies has something to do with the overall increase.  I am going to delve into the realm of Steampunk in cinema with a future post, but for now, I thought I would offer some links for those who are interested in exploring this brave new world. Continue reading